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1st Acer Distributor in UAE in 2023

Acer is known all over the world for its desktops, monitors, all-in-one systems, and projectors. They offer cheap and reliable products to users. Acer as a brand came into existence in 1976. Stan Shih founded the company in Taiwan. It only had 11 employees at the start, with a capital of $25,000. After years of dedication and hard work, Acer is now worth over $156.1 billion with over 7,000 active employees. IRIX is the leading Acer Distributor UAE

IRIX offers a wide range of Acer products to businesses and customers of all sorts. Moreover, they give them the option of upgradability and sustainability, according to their needs and wants. 

Being an Acer Distributor in UAE means you must be able to supply and ship the products as soon as possible. IRIX offers that choice to buyers around the world.

Acer Distributor in UAE

In order to find the best deal in Acer UAE you must be familiar with Acer products in general. For instance, you must know what kind of laptops, desktops, monitors, and projectors Acer offers. After analyzing the Acer market, you must analyze which Acer Distributor in UAE is the most advantageous one. Generally speaking, it all depends on the Acer Distributor in UAE prices and shipping procedures. For instance, distributor A in Dubai might offer Acer laptops cheaper than distributor C, but distributor B has faster and better shopping options when compared to A and C. 

When it comes down to it, there is not much of a price difference between the distributors because each distributor is trying to sell their own products. Since 2008, companies like IRIX have been selling major brands such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, and Acer since 2008. They have been in this business for a long time and have gained a good reputation amongst customers and brands. 

We have a wide range of Acer products, whether they be laptops, desktops, monitors, or projectors; you can count on us to receive brand new, unused products. Although Acer offers a one-year warranty on all of their products, IRIX has the option to extend the warranty depending on customer demand.  Additionally, since we are a qualified Acer Distributor in UAE depending on the quantity, we offer discounts on our products. As a result, if you plan to buy wholesale and in bulk, you will receive discounts.

acer distributor uae
acer distirbutor in uae

Acer Laptops

Acer has great laptops for just about any customer's demands and needs. Whether you are looking for a laptop for school, work, or home, you will enjoy all the features and styles Acer offers for everyone. Generally speaking, Acer UAE is known for its Aspire Laptop series.

The Aspire series is by far the most popular line of laptops offered by Acer.

Discover a different level of implementation and quality capabilities for anything from everyday computing to a demanding pro workload.

Here are some Aspire models that Acer offers to customers.

Acer Aspire Series

  • Acer Aspire Vero
  • Acer Aspire 1 Qualcomm
  • Acer Aspire 3
  • Acer Aspire 5
  • Acer Aspire 5 pro

If you are in the market for thin and portable laptops, the Acer Swift series is the right choice to make. They are thin, lightweight and portable. Here are some models of the Acer Swift series:

  • Acer Swift 3 AMD
  • Acer Swift 3
  • Acer Swift X Intel
  • Acer Swift SF316-51
  • Acer Swift 3SF 314-511
  • Acer Swift AMD
  • Acer Swift X AMD
  • Acer Swift 7 
  • Acer Swift 5 
  • Acer Swift 3 
  • Acer Swift 1

acer distributor in uae

Acer Spin Series Laptops

The Spin series laptops are ergonomic and easily adjustable to everyone's needs. Make it a tablet mode, write on it, sketch it, it all comes in the package. In addition to these features the Acer Spin Series are also lightweight with rich featured ports. 

Here are some Spin models you might be interested in:

  • Acer Spin 1
  • Acer Spin 3
  • Acer Spin 5
  • Acer Spin 5 AMD
  • Acer Spin 7

For Gamers and Creators

Gamers and creators will fall in love with the Acer Nitro series. It is no secret that when choosing a slim design and a thin and portable laptop, you sacrifice power and capabilities. Nevertheless, at the same time, you also sacrifice design and style. Well, there's no need to worry any longer. Acer changes the game with its Nitro series laptops. Gamers and creators will now not feel left out of the competition when opting for an Acer gaming series. 

The Nitro series offers AMD and Intel processors with powerful GPUs like the Nvidia GTX and RTX series. Here are some models from the Nitro series that will make you rethink your next gaming decision.

  • Acer Nitro 5 Spin 
  • Acer Nitro 5
  • Acer Nitro 5 AMD
  • Acer Nitro 7

Extreme circumstances require extreme laptops

IRIX as a Acer Distributor in UAE offer many types of laptops and rugged extreme laptops are one of them. Additionally, the above statement is true if you are the kind of person who lives an adventurous life and takes things to the extreme. Nevertheless, having extra security and safety measures on your device is never a bad idea. The Acer Enduro series of laptops are military-grade devices that safeguard your data and privacy on multiple levels.

Enduro Series by Acer

  • EUN314-51W-53FZ
  • EUN314-51W-789F
  • EUN314-51W-5819
  • EUN314-51W-70RF

The above models all come with the latest Intel series chipsets. You can choose between core i5 and i7 chipsets with 14-inch full HD screens. The GPU is Intel Xe graphics.

acer distributor in uae
acer distributor in uae
acer distributor in uae

Acer Tower Desktops

Acer offers a wide range of desktop personal computers that are heavy, work-ready, and built tough. They are stylish and suitable for just about every environment. 

The Acer Aspire desktop series is excellent for offices and homes. There are many ports to take advantage of. Additionally, you can enjoy many rich features that not many desktops offer. 

For instance, the Aspire TC Desktop-TC-875-UR13 offers the below specifications:

Processor Intel Core i5-10400 processor Hexa-core 2.90 GHz
GPU Intel HD Graphics 630 shared memory
Internal Storage 512 GB SSD
OS Windows 10 Home pre-installed

The Aspire XC Desktop-XC-895-UR11 series is great for people who value space. Thanks to its SFF body, you will never have to search for a bigger room.

Here are the specifications:


Processor Intel Core i3-10100 processor Quad-core 3.60 GHz
GPU Intel HD Graphics 630 shared memory
Internal Storage 1 TB HDD
OS Windows 10 Home pre-installed

The smaller, the better: Acer Chromebox

Having a tiny desktop is a great option if you are looking to save space and take care of some office work. Dealing with fewer dongles is a dream come true for most PC enthusiasts, especially when the size is right. You can easily hide Acer chromebox desktops behind your monitor or place them out of sight, whichever is suitable for you. 

Here is a detailed look into the Acer Chromebox series: 

CXI4-CXI4-C54G Acer Chromebox


Processor Intel® Celeron® 5205U processor Dual-core 1.90 GHz
GPU Intel UHD Graphics 
Internal Storage 32GB Flash Memory
OS Chrome OS


Acer Chromebox CXI4 - CXI4-I38G


Processor Intel® Core™ i3-10110U processor Dual-core 2.10 GHz
GPU Intel UHD Graphics 
Internal Storage 128 GB Flash Memory
OS Chrome OS
Connectivity IEEE 802.11ax W--Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, Gigabit Ethernet

Acer Chromebox CXI4 - CXI4-I58G


Processor Intel® Core™ i5-10210U processor Quad-core 1.60 GHz
GPU Intel UHD Graphics 
Internal Storage 256 GB SSD
OS Chrome OS
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 and Gigabit Ethernet
acer distributor in uae
acer distributor in uae
acer distributor in uae

Acer All in One System

The Veriton Z series is by far the most notable All-In-Series offered by Acer Technologies. The device comes with the latest Intel processors and fast storage options. You can choose between a 21.5 or 23.8-inch screen. Both sizes are full HD and will provide optimal viewing angles. Here are some options when you opt for a Veriton Z AIO.


Screen Size Options
  1. 21.5" Full HD (1920 x 1080) 16:9
  2. 23.8" Full HD (1920 x 1080) 16:9
Processor Options
  1. Intel® Core™ i5-10400
  2. Intel® Core™ i7-10700
RAM Options
  1. 8 GB, DDR4 SDRAM
  2. 16 GB, DDR4 SDRAM
Internal Storage Options
  1. 256 GB SSD
  2. 512 GB SSD
Official OS
  • Windows 10 Pro

Opting for the Veriton Z series will enable your home or business to get things done with ease and precision. Nevertheless, the above specifications might not be available in your region. Please contact us to get further information regarding availability and shipping options. 

Acer Monitors

Acer monitors are the best in class when it comes to affordability and screen quality.

There are several models of Acer monitors. They are divided into these categories:

  • UT2 (Touch)
  • Prosumer-CB1
  • Professional-B6, PEO, BEO, BMO, B7, BH6, BH7, BLO, B8, BC0, VA1
  • Essential-V6, Acer V7 Series

These series are ideal for people with specific needs and desires.

acer distributor in uae
acer distributor in uae

Acer Projectors for the Home & Office 

Acer projectors are great for everyday and office usage.

  • The Portable LED projectors (C205 and C205i) are ideal budget projectors that are ideal for everyday use.
  • Large venue projectors (P5515, P6500) have the best contrast ratio for large rooms.
  • The EV and X series projectors are ideal for home use and gamers who require precision and stability.
  • Home projectors: H6517ST, H6535i, Whether you're watching movies on the weekend or your favorite TV shows, Acer home projectors are ideal.
  • Education projectors: S12, S13. These projectors are suitable for schools and universities that require hours of usage.

Purchase Acer products from IRIX

IRIX is a well-known Acer Distributor in UAE. They offer competitive prices on all Acer UAE products. Additionally, they offer fast shipping worldwide to any country.

Whether you want it as a first priority or for the economy, we have it all. Additionally, IRIX offers unmatched prices for wholesale and bulk sales. 

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