Acer Distributor UAE

Acer distributor UAE 

Acer is known all over the world for its desktops, monitors, all-in-one systems, and projectors. They offer cheap and reliable products to users. Acer as a brand came into existence in 1976. Stan Shih founded the company in Taiwan. It only had 11 employees at the start with a capital of $25000. After years of dedication and hard work, Acer is now worth over $156.1 billion with over 7 thousand active employees. IRIX is the leading Acer Distributor UAE

IRIX offers a wide range of Acer products to businesses and customers of all sorts. Moreover, we give the option of upgradability and sustainability to their needs and wants. 

Acer distributor UAE

We have a wide range of Acer products, whether it be laptops, desktops, monitors, or projectors; you can count on us to receive brand new, unused products. Although we offer one year warranty on all of our products we can also extend the warranty depending on the customers' demand. 

IRIX has been working closely with well-known brands such as Acer, Lenovo, Dell, HP, and much more. 

Depending on the quantity we offer discounts on our products. So if you are planning on buying wholesale and bulk, you will receive discounts. 

Acer Laptops

IRIX as Acer Distributor UAE offers many types of laptops for different customers depending on their demands: 

For customers that require slim and lightweight model laptops 

  • Acer Swift 1, 3, 5
  • Acer Chromebook three series, five series, enterprise

Customers that require Business ready laptops have the option to choose from

  • Acer TravelMate B series
  • Acer TravelMate X series

Customers that require Gaming or Creator ready laptops have the option to choose from

acer laptops
Acer Distributor UAE
acer predator desktop
Acer AIO

Acer Desktops

Acer offers a wide range of desktop personal computers that are heavy, work-ready, and built tough. 

Acer Aspire desktop series is excellent for offices and homes.

  • Acer Aspire TC
  • Acer Aspire XC
  • Acer Aspire GX

Acer Nitro desktops are superb for gamers and creators alike. It comes with Nvidia graphics cards that are ready to take on any action.

  • Acer Nitro 50
  • Acer Nitro 50 AMD

If you want something that is portable, lightweight Acer has the right solutions for you

  • Acer Chromebox CXI 4

It is lightweight, portable, and easy to carry. Additionally, it is light on the wallet as well.

Acer All in One system

Acer C series are best for their compact designs and power heavy-duty.

  • Acer C24
  • Acer C27 

These series are great for home and office use. It is lightweight, compact, and ready for everyday hard usages.

Acer Monitors

Acer monitors are the best in class when it comes to affordability and screen quality.

There are several models of Acer monitors they are divided into these categories:

  • Touch - UT2
  • Prosumer - CB1
  • Professional - B6, PEO, BEO, BMO, B7, BH6, BH7, BLO, B8, BC0, VA1
  • Essential - V6, Acer V7 Series

These series are great for people that have specific needs and wants.

Acer Distributor UAE
Acer Distributor UAE

Acer Projectors for Home & Office 

Acer projectors are great for everyday and office usage.

  • Portable LED projectors: C205, C205i is ideal budget projectors that are ideal for everyday use.
  • Large Venue projectors: P5515, P6500 have the best contrast ratio for large rooms.
  • Essential projectors: EV series and X are great for home and gamers that require precision and steadiness
  • Home projectors: H6517ST, H6535i, whether you are using for weekend movies or watching your favorite TV shows, Acer home projectors are ideal for it. 
  • Education projectors: S12, S13 these projectors are suitable for schools and universities that require hours of usage.

Purchase Acer products from IRIX

IRIX offers competitive prices on all Acer products we offer to ship worldwide to any country.

Whether you want it first priority or economy, we have it all. Additionally, IRIX offers wholesale and bulk sales for resellers. 

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