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The Asus UAE Distributor IRIX

ASUS as a brand was established in Taiwan in 1989, and its primary purpose was to provide groundbreaking and cutting-edge electronics to consumers and businesses as such. After years of dedication and hard work, ASUS finally grabbed the customer's attention to make over $350 billion in sales. IRIX is an ASUS UAE Distributor and a qualified reseller. Additionally, IRIX is able to sell in bulk and wholesale quantities at competitive prices. 

IRIX can ship products internationally with special prices and methods that work best with resellers and average consumers. 

Asus ZenBook 13
Asus Zenbook 14

Best products offered by Asus UAE Distributor IRIX

Asus offers a wide range of products such as Mobile, Laptops, Displays, Desktops, Motherboards, Components, networks, LoT, Servers, Accessories.

Asus Laptop series are selected as the best sellers of 2020.

Here is the category of products ASUS offers for the customers.

ASUS Laptops

Asus offers many types of Laptops for professionals, students, and for everyday general usages. Below is the list of Laptop Products Asus offers for customers'.

  • Home series: Zenbook, Vivobook, Chromebook
  • Work: ProArt Studio book, Zenbook, Expert book, Chromebook
  • For Creators: ProArt Studio book, Zenbook, Vivobook, RoG Zephyrus
  • For Students: Vivobook, Chromebook, TUF Gaming, Zenbook
  • For Gamers: TUF Gaming, ROG Gaming (Republic of Gamers)
  • Accessories for Laptops: Headsets, Mice and Mouse Pads, Keyboards, Stylus

Asus Desktops

Asus offers a wide range of desktops PCs that are ideal for everyone. Here are the models in full detail.

  • Asus Tower PCs: Asus S300MA, Asus S534MF.
  • Asus Mini PC’s ProArt, VivoMini PC’s, ASUS Mini Stick PC’s, Chromebook mini PC’s
  • Asus Expert Center: Asus Pro D340MC, Asus DG SFF D9009A, Asus Pro D641SC, Expertcenter D7 SFF D7005A, Pro Art PD5 CDD500TC
  • Asus Gaming series: ROG Huracan G21CX-41763, ROG Strix G10DK-ws764, Strix GT15CK BS764, Strix G3 3T35 G35CZ-XB982, GT35 G35C2-XH988, Strix G35CZ-X9991, Strix GA35DX-MB776, Strix GA 35DX XB 999, Strix GA 35 DX-X899X, GA 15 DH-BS 762, ROG Strix GA15 GA 15 DH- DS757, GA 15 DH-DS 757, GL 12CX-XB771 and much more.
  • Asus Mini models: Asus ProArt, VIVOMini, Asus Stick PC’s.
Asus TUF dash desktops
ASUS ROG strix Helios
ASUS monitor
Asus monitors

Asus Monitors

Asus monitors are known for their longevity and toughness. The screen can operate under pressure for a long time without any difficulties, and the screen burns.

Here are some Asus Monitor Models that IRIX sells as an ASUS UAE Distributor. 


  • Asus monitor: TUF Gaming VG32AQL1A 32 inch QHD 
  • Asus monitor: TUF Gaming VG24VQ1BY Curved Gaming Monitor 23.8 inch Full HD
  • Asus monitor: TUF Gaming VG24VQ1B Curved Gaming Monitor 23.8 inch Full HD
  • Asus monitor: TUF Gaming VG247Q1AY Gaming Monitor 23.8 inch Full HD
  • Asus monitor: TUF Gaming VG277Q1A Gaming Monitor 27 inch Full HD
  • Asus monitor: ProArt Display PA328CGV Professional Monitor 32-inch
  • Asus monitor: TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A HDMI 2.1 Gaming Monitor 28-inch 4K UHD
  • Asus monitor: TUF Gaming VG34VQL1B 21:9 Gaming Monitor 34-inch WQHD

These are some of the models of Asus monitors. IRIX has many models in stock that will suit your needs the best. It is best to contact IRIX since it is a qualified ASUS UAE Distributor. 

Asus Motherboards

Asus offers one of the best motherboards that are ideal for gaming, home, office uses. Whether you are a professional or an everyday average user, you will enjoy the high-speed power and consumption that it brings to the table.

Here are some models of Asus motherboards that will work best for you. Finding the best ASUS UAE distributor in Dubai can be a lot of work, but IRIX has you covered. 

  • Asus Prime
  • Asus ProArt
  • Asus Workstation
  • The Asus ROG Republic of Gamers
  • Asus TUF Gaming
  • Asus CSM Corporate
  • Asus Business
asus motherboards

Why Buy ASUS models from IRIX

IRIX is an ASUS UAE Distributor, and at the same, it offers many types of brands at competitive prices in Dubai, such as Lenvov, Dell, HP, and ASUS. IRIX provides groundbreaking solutions for your business or home.

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Asus F540MA laptop

  • AED: 0 د.إ

Asus F540MA laptop; Intel Celeron N4000; 4GB DDR4; 1TB HDD; 15.6″HD; DVD-RW; DOS; 1 year warranty; Black

Asus ZenBook Flip 14 Ultra Slim Convertible UX461 laptop

  • AED: 0 د.إ

Asus ZenBook Flip 14 Ultra Slim Convertible UX461 laptop; Intel Core i7-8565U; 8GB LP DDR3; 512GB SSD; 14.0″ Touchscreen X360; Windows 10; 1 year warranty; Gold