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Cisco Distributor UAE Systems is a global technology company that was created in 1984. As of January 25, 2021, the company has relocated to Delaware. Cisco is a key contributor to Silicon Valley by innovating, creating, and delivering networking gear, software, communications equipment, and other high-tech services and products. Additionally, Cisco is running major companies such as Webex, OpenDNS, Jabber, and Jasper. The main focus of Cisco is domain security, energy management, and the Internet of Things. IRIX is a qualified cisco distributor UAE; it offers all the solutions and services available through Cisco.

Cisco had a market capitalization of $224 million once it made headlines in 1990, and this number increased to $500 billion through the peak of the dot-com boom in the year of 2000s. As a result, Cisco has a market capitalization of around $230 billion during the Period 2021, and this number keeps on growing yearly. 

Cisco Distributor UAE IRIX


There are specific requirements and regulations that Cisco requires to be a qualified reseller. 

IRIX has been doing business with Cisco for over five years. IRIX is a Cisco Distributor UAE and has offered many solutions to business and government sectors by providing Cisco Networking types of equipment. They also do installations on-site and offer a warranty on all the products installed and managed by Cisco

There are many Cisco resellers in Dubai, finding the most reliable and trustworthy reseller is an issue. Additionally, there are many factors to consider, but IRIX is a well-known Cisco Distributor UAE. You can always count on them to give you the best prices and quality service. 

Cisco Products 


Campus LAN Switches: Access

  • To assemble connections that are wired and wireless with the same security protocol
  • To make mobile deployment hassle-free by enhancing security measures and simplifying the campus local area network.
  • Assist you in installing and transforming your business through digital transformation. 

Campus LAN Switches: Core and distribution

  • Assist in the identification and suppression of risks
  • Provide a single operation point and control for LAN connectivity and core services on campus.
  • Make your way to an infrastructure that's ready for the technological environment.

Catalyst compact LAN switches​

  • For installations outside of the cabling closet, provide relatively safe, flexible access switches.
  • To administer one-of-a-kind Power over Ethernet (PoE+) and PoE pass-through capabilities.
  • With hassle-free deployment and operation, you can simplify setup and management.
Cisco Switches
Catalyst compact LAN switches​
cisco meraki switches
Branch routers cisco

Meraki cloud-managed switches

  • Supplying a secure, robust, and stable performance as well as an easy-to-use administration interface.
  • Assist in maintaining a stable network connection and providing a seamless network service.
  • Allow you to install, administer, and debug your network easily.


  • Developed for a variety of network kinds and forms.
  • For the WAN, LAN, and cloud, determine-based networking.
  • In a clear solution, provide advanced analysis, automated provision, and unified security.

Cloud edge platforms

  • Access hybrid and multi-cloud programs from anywhere, along with the cloud, database servers, and edge.
  • When you combine Cisco SD-WAN with encryption, you get the best of both worlds.
  • Are optimized for SD-WAN and routing services, as well as multilayered encryption and edge awareness.

 Branch routers

  • In one platform, combine SD-WAN, network services, and complete security.
  • Provide unified administration for various locations to make distribution easier.
  • Facilitate the on-demand installation of interconnected services wherever they are required. 

Access Points

  • Broaden the reach of 802.11ac and 802.11n wireless networks.
  • Enhance the Cisco ClientLink 3.0 bandwidth for 802.11a/g/n/ac equipments.
  • With VideoStream, you can provide adjustable video measures over wifi.
  • Cisco CleanAir Technology can detect and reduce radio frequency interference.


Wireless controllers

  • Configure wireless management, administration, and security configurations from a centralized location at any time.
  • Simplify network implementation, maintenance, and administration to save operational costs.
  • For companies of all sizes, provide network visibility and agile scalability for robust security wireless networks.

You can purchase these solutions and products from us because IRIX is a qualified Cisco Distributor UAE.

Cisco accesspoints
cisco aironnet access point module

In Conclusion 

IRIX is a qualified Cisco Distributor UAE and qualified reseller of Cisco hardware and software. In addition, the company provides installments and solutions to government sectors and businesses alike.

Cisco products, as mentioned earlier, hardware and solutions are only the tips of the iceberg IRIX offers much more and special prices for wholesale and bulk orders

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