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Nowadays HP have large customer audience in the world as well as in UAE. That’s why there are a number of HP distributors in UAE for offering HP products. To buy HP products in UAE for both your business and home computing need a variety of ways available in UAE. You can buy either from HP UAE online store or from  any HP supplier in UAE. One of the big suppliers of HP in UAE and almost in the Middle East region is IRIX Computer Systems Trading LLC. 

IRIX is the distributor of whole IT and Electronic equipment, operates based on HP’s innovative ideas, and the vision of the Company is to deliver the technology that makes life better for everyone.

IRIX Computer Systems Trading LLC has good relations with all HP Partners in UAE. If any product is not available in IRIX’s warehouse the Company can provide it from any other HP partner in UAE. So it gives advantage to customers to deal only with one Company and to gain any product as per their wish. HP in UAE can help you too much on your orders.

IRIX has well experience expertise in the products of the HP brand. The products of HP brand are very qualitative and the life cycle of equipment is long. But in most cases due to lack of usage knowledge, the wrong configuration of the electronic devices customers can face several issues that will require technical support. In these cases customers can apply either  to HP Service Center Dubai as per manufacturer warranty terms which is  available to users at any time or directly to IRIX’s certified technicians for any assistance on repair services. From this link you can check if your product still has warranty or not.

IRIX’s team always tries to serve customers and meet their whole requirements in a professional manner so the customers feel happy to acquire HP products.

HP in UAE, HP distributor in UAE

History of HP Company

The HP Company (Hewlett-Packard) is an American multinational Information Technology Company headquartered in US and is the second largest computer company in the world. It is a company with quite an interesting history. In 1939, electrical engineering students, William Hewlett and David Packard, decided to establish a company producing a line of electronic test and measurement equipment for testing their skills on a variety of products.

The company they founded called Hewlett-Packard from a combination of the initials of their surnames. The company makes its first sale in 1938, providing audio frequency counter for Walt Disney Pictures. The Company was trying to expand its activities and World War II began. But the war does not stop their works, however their devices are gaining importance in the US military, and HP is working with the US Center for Military Research on counter-radar technology.

After the war, Packard became responsible for the company’s business, while Hewlett led its research and development efforts. Military sales during the Korean War  boosted company revenues. In 1961 it begins its climb to status as a medical-instrument manufacturer with the purchase of Sanborn Company.

At a time when military systems have become more dependent on electronic technologies HP keeps the US military on the wheel with its innovations.Continuously develops military and medical products, the Company also decides to expand the computer industry.

About HP company

In 1972 the company released the HP 3000 general-purpose updated minicomputer for use in business. During that period, Packard declined the proposal of a young engineer working in the company to create a personal computer model. However, realizing that they had made a big mistake with this decision, Hewlett and Packard released HP85 in 1980. But it was a failure.

Later the HP 150 model went on sale but did not succeed as well. The company’s first successful product for the PC market was actually a printer. The HP LaserJet appeared in 1984 to rave reviews and huge sales, becoming Hewlett-Packard’s single most successful product.

In the early 90's, HP could not adapt to the new generation of computers found itself losing to rival computer workstation companies, and the company's value is decreasing. But Packard makes big changes and prepares HP's new business plan. Following this process, the company became one of the three largest computer manufacturers in the world.

Offerings in the computer area include hardware ranging from palmtops through personal computers to supercomputers, software, networking products, printers, scanners, and support and maintenance services.

In 2015 Hewlett-Packard split into two companies: HP Inc., which made personal computers and printers, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which provided products and services for businesses. Both Companies are still working successfully in their fields. HP in UAE has service center as well.

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HP 15-da2180nia laptop

0.00 $

HP 15-da2180nia laptop; Intel Core i5-1031; 4GB; 1TB HDD; NVidia GeForce MX 110 2GB GDDR5; DVD-RW; 15.6″HD; DOS; 1 year warranty;

HP 15-da2185nia laptop

0.00 $

HP 15-da2185nia laptop; Intel Core i5-1031; 8GB; 1TB HDD; NVidia GeForce MX 110 2GB GDDR5; DVD-RW; 15.6″HD; DOS; 1 year warranty;

HP 15-da2199nia laptop

0.00 $

HP 15-da2199nia laptop; Intel Core i7-10510U; 8GB; 1TB HDD; NVidia GeForce MX 130 2GB GDDR5; DVD-RW; 15.6″HD; DOS; 1 year warranty; Silver

HP 15-da2204nia laptop

0.00 $

HP 15-da2204nia laptop; Intel Core i7-10510U; 8GB; 1TB HDD; NVidia GeForce MX 130 2GB GDDR5; DVD-RW; 15.6″FHD; DOS; 1 year warranty; Silver

HP 15-da2225ne laptop

0.00 $

HP 15-da2225ne laptop; Intel Core i7-10510U; 8GB; 1TB HDD; NVidia GeForce MX 130 2GB GDDR5; DVD-RW; 15.6″FHD; DOS; 1 year warranty; Silver

HP Envy 13-ah1025cl laptop

0.00 $

HP Envy 13-ah1025cl laptop; Intel Core i7-8565U (1.8GHz up to 4.6GHz, 8MB Cache, 4 Cores); 16GB; 512GB SSD; NVidia GeForce MX250 2GB GDDR5; 13.3 inch 4K Touch; Webcam; Windows 10; Silver; Stylus Pen for Touch Screen;  1 year warranty