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Our online store sells Best POS printers and terminal in Dubai.
 RIO - Retail in Operation International is a Canadian company and manufacturer of POS Systems. Their products will strengthen your business. That's why our online store Irix offers RIO items. If you shop them, we will serve you best deal options including affordable prices, cheap international shipping, and free delivery in Dubai.

 First of all, we have to say whatever our online store sells has high quality because we always think about customers - which product suits them and most importantly, is going to increase their business. Accordingly, we offer RIO products.

 Retail In Operation offers POS peripherals, printers, and terminals which have quality and reliability. They are excellent for retail industry (supermarkets, pharmacies), food industry, hospitality industry (restaurants, pubs & bars, café, noodle shops, fast food shops, cafeterias), etc. By the way, if you need capable POS printers for your retail industry and food industry or just for your grocery store, you should buy these products. In addition to it, our online store offers affordable prices. For this reason, you will increase your business with a small budget.

RIO POS Peripherals in Dubai
- RPD-610 Customer Info Monitor which has 211.2 x 158.4 mm display area and USB connectivity.
- RPN-510 POS Monitor which has dust and spill proof, in other words, planned especially for POS application.
- RPD-210 VFD Customer Display is adjustable to provide the best view angle, provide 2 pole for best position installation, etc.
- RPD-200 VFD Customer Display has features like data can be display on 20 columns x 2 lines, green power function, etc.
- RSC-420 Heavy Duty Cash Draw is made of heavy gauge steel, the ideal choice for reliability and the perfect platform for any POS terminal.
- P-206 POS programmable keyboard is an effective input solution for POS application.
- P-304 POS programmable keyboard is an effective input solution for POS application in all retail.
- MRW-120 is a magnetic stripe card reader & writer without a power adapter.
- PP-6000E is a 15-inch touch monitor and has features like 5-wire Resistive technology, Combo USB/R S 232 Touch I/F, Combo internal AC & external DC adaptor and so on.
Plus, our online store offers all of these RIO POS peripherals with best deal options. Irix is a partner of Retail In Operation (RIO) in UAE.

RIO POS Printers
 Our online shopping website for electronics sells best POS printers which are reliable and productive. If you want to increase your retail industry or food industry you should buy RIO items. Moreover, we offer inexpensive prices:
- RPP 315 which is a stylish POS printer and has high-efficiency performance and reliable printing.
- RPP 325 which is a reliable, quality and easy-loading desktop, thermal POS printer.
- RPP 355 which is a reliable, cost-effective and quality POS printer.

RIO POS Terminals
 Irix offers RIO products which have superior features which will boost your business. They are:
- Maximus RIK1130 price checker
- Rainbow PT6330 which supports single, dual, and wall hanging functions.
- Xander 7 PT5600 is an all-in-one POS system.
- iMaverick PT-7500(i5) which has an all-in-one panel PC style.
- Maverick PT6410 has features like all-in-one panel PC style with 15” touch display, fanless system with aluminum enclosure design, etc.
- Xander 5 which is an effective POS terminal.

 Our online store sells all of these items with best deal options including affordable prices, cheap international shipping, and free delivery in Dubai so you can save your time and money. By the way, Irix is RIO partner in UAE.

RSC-420 Heavy Duty Cash Drawer

RSC-420 heavy duty cash drawer has an easy and comfortable operation, in other words, has human engineering design.RSC-420 features are removable and adjustable cash trays, thick gauge cold rolled steel & SECC, 11.5 KG weight, also, RJ11, RJ12, USB, RS232, DC-2.5/3.5 Jack, custom type interfaces.Plus, we offer best deal options including cheap price...
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RIO RPD-210 VFD Customer Display

RIO RPD-210 VFD Customer Display which has high quality and cheap price.Most important, whatever we sell is productive and ergonomic so will enhance your business.RIO RPD-210 features are Vacuum Fluorescent Display (blue-green), brightness 700 cd/m2, 40 characters (20 columns x 2 lines), display panel is adjustable to provide the best view angle, provide...
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RIO 304 POS Programmable Keyboard

We offer RIO 304 which is one of the best POS programmable keyboards.As a result, provides an innovative and effective input solution for POS application in all retail.This programmable keyboard specs are 84 key, all keys can be programmable with 32 characters, TR1/2/3-ISO7811/12 magnetic card reader, 10 million strokes, etc.Also, supports, DOS,...
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Maverick PT6410 POS Terminal

We offer Maverick PT6410 POS terminal which is new and cheap.PT6410 has features like all-in-one panel PC style with 15” touch display, power efficient, Intel Celeron J1900 QC 2.0Ghz, stylish and rimless flat panel design with VESA mount supporting, 350 cd/m 16.2M/ resolution, 262K colors LED brightness, 60 GB SSD, 4 GB, etc.If you buy right now, we will...
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RIO Xander 5 POS Terminal

RIO Xander 5 POS Terminal which has resistive touch monitor.Plus, if you buy today, we offer best deal options including cheap price and free delivery in Dubai.RIO Xander 5 features are Intel Atom D2550 1.86GHz CPU, TFT LCD display size, 1024×768 resolution, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, activated by a finger or gloved hand, fanless design for long life, etc.
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