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Buy cheap computer data storages in Dubai.
 German technology company Tandberg Data provides data storage products such as tape drives, tape libraries, and autoloaders. As we know, German technology always was excellent, that's why our online store Irix is Tandberg partner in UAE. Moreover, we offer these products with best deal options including cheap international shipping and free delivery in Dubai.

 Tandberg Data manufactures tape drives, tape libraries, and autoloaders.

 First of all, we have to say whatever our online store sells has high quality because we always think about customers - which product suits them, is going to increase their business and most importantly, can't bother them. Accordingly, we offer Tandberg Data products.
 Tandberg Data delivers LTO tape drives, tape automation, removable disks, NAS storage solutions, tape and disk cartridge media, etc. Plus, our online store offers these data storage products at inexpensive prices so you can increase your small or medium business with a small budget.

Cheap Tandberg LTO Drives in Dubai
 Tandberg offers LTO drives which deliver versatility, reliability, and high performance. In our online store, you can buy LTO-4 HH which has 800 GB native capacity; LTO-5 HH which is reliable and high-capacity tape drive; LTO-6 HH which has 30-year archival life; LTO-7 HH has 6TB native capacity; LTO Media which has a high capacity such as 30TB of data stored on each LTO cartridge; LTO-8 which has 300MB/s (1TB/hr.) native transfer rate. In short, Overland-Tandberg LTO tape drives protect your server data.
 By the way, our online store offers all these products with our best deal options so you can save your time and money. Irix is a distributor of Tandberg Data in UAE.

NEO Series Tape Libraries and Autoloaders
- NEOxl 8000 and NEOxl 80 are big data storage for medium and enterprise businesses which provide high-performance automated backup, disaster recovery, and data archive.
- NEOs T48 delivers increased performance and enhanced efficiency.
- NEOs StorageLoader delivers backup or archive up to 240TB of data, etc.
In addition to it, Irix offers all of them at affordable prices.

 In the end, we have to say these Tandberg LTO tape drives, tape libraries, and autoloaders have high-quality. Plus, our online store sells all of these products with best deal options including affordable prices, cheap international shipping, and free delivery in Dubai so you can save your time and money. By the way, Irix is the partner of Tandberg Data in UAE.

Tandberg Data LTO-4 HH Tape Drive | 3513-LTO

We offer Tandberg Data LTO-4 HH which has 800 GB native capacity, 160 MB/s transfer rate and 128MB memory buffer size.Also, has 1.6TB compressed capacity. Plus, with our cheap price and free delivery in Dubai, UAE.Tandberg Data LTO will help small and medium business to increase because has business efficiency, easy to use and security.By the way, is...
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Tandberg Data StorageLoader LTO-5 | 7813-LTO

Buy new Tandberg Data StorageLoader LTO-5 with cheap price.Tandberg Data LTO-5 has 12 TB native capacity and 24 TB compressed capacity, also, has LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5 read compatibility and LTO-4, LTO-5 write compatibility.By the way, performance up to 1.0 TB/Hr (compressed) and have 8 Cartridges and 2 removable magazines.Shortly, Data StorageLoader LTO-5...
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Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T40 LTO-5 | 8167-LTO

New Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T40 LTO-5 which has 40 Slots.8167-LTO has 60TB / 120TB LTO-5 capacity, in other words, 60 TB native capacity, 120 TB compressed capacity and has LTO-4 HH, LTO-5 HH, LTO-4 FH, LTO-5 FH drive technology.Shortly, e Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T40+ has high capacity and performance and removable magazines is 2 (with 12 Slots...
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