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Our online store sells cheap corded and cordless phones, and electronic learning toys in Dubai.
 Chinese company VTech is one of the largest manufacturers of cordless phones and electronic learning products. For this reason, Irix is a partner of VTech in UAE. As a result, our online store offers these products with best deal options including cheap price and free delivery in Dubai.

 VTech is a leading manufacturer of corded and cordless business phones in the world.

 First of all, we have to say whatever our online shopping website sells has high quality. That's why we offer best products for business and home, plus, Irix sells electronic learning toys for our customers' children.
 VTech provides products like corded and cordless phones, business phones, hospitality products, baby monitors, electronic learning toys, and so on. Plus, our online store offers all of these products with best deal options including affordable prices, cheap international shipping, and free delivery in Dubai. So you can save you time and money. In the meanwhile, our online shop is a VTech partner in UAE.

Cheap VTech Corded and Cordless Phones in Dubai
- We offer analog phones which have elegant shapes can add modern shape to your guest room. Plus, they have perfect voice quality. As a result, we offer Vtech A2210 corded phones.
- You can find here cordless phones for your home or office. They will make your conversations clear because they provide excellent voice quality. In addition to it, these cordless telephones have pros like light, comfortable and most important, we offer them at affordable prices. Plus, has features like hearing aid compatible, caller ID announce, caller ID/Call waiting, and Push-To-Talk.
- CareLine phones for seniors are ideal for everyday conversations and emergency situations. These phones make your communication comfortable. Our online store offers CareLine Portable Safety Pendant which has features like one-button emergency calls, no monthly fees, voice announce caller ID, lightweight, and compact; CareLine big-button corded phone which has features like photo dial, amplified sound, caller ID announce, and digital answering system; CareLine big-button cordless handset has features like audio assist, large screen, big buttons, etc. ; last but not least, CareLine photo speed dial cordless handset which has features like photo dial, visual ringing indicator, caller ID announce, and full-duplex handset speakerphone. In addition to it, we sell other CareLine featured products. Most important, we have to say we offer all of these corded and cordless phones at affordable prices in Dubai. So you can save your money and enjoy talking to your parents and grandparents. By the way, Irix is a distributor of VTech in UAE.
- Doorbell phones are not just a phones they are a two-in-one cordless answering system, in other words, are versatile phone system with a digital camera. These products bring home convenience and security. These items have a lot of benefits. One of them is control - you can choose who to hear and see you. Plus, with Vtech doorbell, you can stream video. Plus, doorbell phones are ideal for everyday conversations. One of the pros is bringing home safety, in other words, you will know who is knocking without being seen. In this way, you will protect your privacy and your home. Our online store sells Vtech video doorbell system like audio/video camera doorbell, cordless handset, and more feature products.
- Irix offers FoneDeco cordless phones at cheap prices. By the way, they have features like voice announce caller ID, push-to-talk, caller ID/Call waiting, and HD audio.

Affordable Business Phones
- VTech ErisStation is ideal for small and large meetings because they are useful for every office. VTech conference phones deliver VTech Orbitlink wireless technology, premium sound quality, free conferencing, and integrated communications system. ErisStation has features like DECT 6.0 technology, full room coverage, natural sound quality, charging built-In, up to 12 hours of talk time, and two-year standard warranty. Plus, we offer ErisStation featured products at inexpensive prices. For this reason, with scalable conference phone system, you will free for making your business improve.
- 4-Line small business phones have features like DECT 6.0 technology, speed dials, digital answering system, and so on. As a result, delivers communications with no interruptions and no limitations.
- VTech ErisTerminal business SIP phones keep everyone connected. In addition to it, our online store offers them at affordable prices so you can save your time and money.
- In our online shop, you can buy VTech wireless And Ethernet routers like VTech AC1600 Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi router, VTech 4 Port N300 Wi-Fi router, and VTech 4 Port Ethernet router.

Hospitality Products
 Irix offers Vtech hospitality products like classic analog, contemporary analog phones, and contemporary SIP, which are ideal for hotel, restaurants, and cafes.

 By the way, our online store sells other Vtech products such as baby monitors, electronic learning toys, and so on. Most important, whatever we sell has high quality because we always think about customers, which product can increase their business. Plus, we offer best deal options including affordable prices, cheap international shipping, and free delivery in Dubai.
 In the end, we have to say our online store Irix is a partner of VTech Holdings Ltd in UAE.

VTech A2210-NS Silver & Black Analog Corded Phone

Buy cheap Vtech A2210-NS silver-black analog corded phone which ideal for hotel and guest rooms. This Vtech analog phone has features like elegant shape, antibacterial plastic protects, line-powered, etc. That's why Vtech A2210-NS will make your guest and hotel rooms' design more attractive. Plus, our online store offers at cheap prices and free delivery...
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VTech A2210 Analog Corded Phone

Buy cheap VTech A2210 in Dubai. Our online store offers VTech analog corded phone which is perfect for any guest rooms because has features like elegant style, antibacterial plastic, comfort, line-powered, selectable ringtones, flash, hold and mute. Most importantly, we offer VTech A2210 with best deal options including cheap price and free delivery in...
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