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Buy cheap barcode printers and scanners in Dubai.
 Zebra Technologies manufactures products such as barcode printers and scanners, interactive kiosks, RFID, etc. which are ideal for retail industry, food industry, hospitality industry, etc. Moreover, we sell these items with best deal options so you can increase your sales and services. By the way, our online store Irix is a partner of Zebra in UAE.

 American company Zebra Technologies is a leading manufacturer of barcode printers and scanners in the world.

 First of all, we have to say our online store whatever sells is reliable and productive. Because we always think about our customers which product can increase their business. For this reason, we offer Zebra products which will definitely help you to boost your business productivity. Buy the way, online shopping company Irix is a partner of Zebra in UAE.
 American company Zebra Technologies manufactures products which are perfect solution for retail industry (supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, specialty stores, pharmacies), food industry, logistics industry, hospitality industry (restaurants, pubs & bars, café, noodle shops, fast food shops, cafeterias, spa & amusement facilities, specialty stores), E-commerce fulfillment, location solutions, manufacturing, etc. In addition to it, Irix offers all of the Zebra items with best deal options including affordable prices, cheap international shipping, and free delivery in Dubai. In this way, you will save your time and money.

Cheap Zebra Printers in Dubai
 Zebra delivers desktop, mobile, and industrial barcode and RFID printers which provide faster, smarter and more reliable performance. If you buy any of them, you will increase your business productivity. Our online shop sells:
1. Desktop printers which are easy to use and much more productive. If you want to buy a reliable printer for your business, we will offer printers:
- ZD620 series desktop printers which have high print quality, efficiency, manageability, in addition to it, an ideal choice for manufacturing and transportation industries.
- ZD420 series desktop printers have features which are solutions for manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and retail.
- Performance desktop printers deliver the fastest print speeds which are ideal for retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and hospitality industries.
- Advanced desktop printers are advanced, affordable, and flexible, that's why ideal for healthcare, retail, transportation, hospitality, manufacturing industries.
- Value desktop printers have entry-level options for your essential barcoding needs. In addition to it, good for healthcare, retail, manufacturing, transportation industries.
- Compact desktop printers are one of the smallest printers which deliver high performance. These products are perfect for retail, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, transportation industries.
- Cartridges-based wristband printers is a solution for wristband printing.
 Moreover, our online shop offers all of these Zebra products at cheap prices.
2. Industrial Printers
- ZT600 series industrial printers are ideal for manufacturing, transportation, and retail industries.
- ZT510 industrial printer is a combination of performance and value, plus, the solution of manufacturing, transportation industries.
- ZT400 series industrial printers have reliable printing quality, advanced features, RFID capabilities and Zebra’s Link-OS environment. That's why these used for asset management, cross-docking, inventory management, lab sample tracking, receiving/shipping, reverse logistics, work-in-process tracking, compliance labeling, information labels, order labeling, and quality control.
- ZT200 series industrial printers are easy to use and solution for healthcare, transportation, retail, and manufacturing industries.
- Xi series industrial printers increase productivity. That's why excellent for transportation, retail, and manufacturing industries.
 If you buy any of these Zebra products, we will offer you our best deal options. By the way, our online store Irix is a distributor of Zebra Technologies in UAE.
3. Our online store sells Zebra mobile printers such as ZQ300 series mobile printers, QLn series mobile printers, QLn series healthcare mobile printers, ZQ500 series mobile printers, iMZ series mobile printers, ZQ110 mobile printer and P4T mobile printer at affordable prices.
4. You can buy all kind of Zebra card printers such as large format ID card printer, fast throughput & high-security retransfer ID card printer, high-performance ID card printers, professional ID card printers, standard ID card printers, and quick card solutions bundles which are ideal choice for hospitality, retail, healthcare, transportation, etc. industries.
5. RFID Printers
- ZT600 series RFID industrial printers are used for shipping & receiving, work-in-progress tracking, document & patient records, management, product ID/Serial numbers, inventory management, asset tracking, cross docking, receiving / put-away labeling, order picking/packing.
- ZQ520 are solutions for warehouse management, retail, and healthcare industries.
- R110Xi4 RFID printers. This RFID encoder and printer delivers high print speeds. That's why used for high-volume applications, asset tracking, inventory management, and cross-docking.
- ZT400 series RFID printers have peak features like high print speeds, high-resolution, dual media sensors (transmissive and reflective), and so on.
- ZD500R RFID printers are small and easy to use but deliver advanced features. For these reasons are ideal for retail, healthcare, transportation industries.
- ZE500R RFID print engine is ideal for high-volume industrial applications for manufacturing, shipping, receiving, etc.
- High-performance card printers deliver reliable performance.
6. We offer Kiosk printers: KR203 kiosk receipt printer which delivers high performance more than expensive kiosk printers and KR403 kiosk receipt printer which is perfect for frequent use.
7. ZE500 print engines are solutions for transportation, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Affordable Zebra Barcode Scanners
 Zebra Technologies manufactures barcode scanners which deliver peak performance like faster scan speed and productivity. That's why they are ideal choices for retail, food, healthcare, etc. industries. Most importantly, our online shop offers these barcode scanners and readers with best deal options so you will save your time and money.
1. Multi-Plane Scanners
- MP7000 grocery scanner scale is next generation multi-plane 1D/2D imager. User interfaces are soft-touch capacitive pads, large two-color LED, adjustable volume & beep tones, and four programmable buttons. This scanner scale used for customer-use scanning, mobile phone barcodes, loyalty cards, that's why MP7000 is a perfect choice for retail industry.
- MP6000 scanner scale gives you multi-plane bioptic imager that has high-volume POS lanes ready for the customers. It's an excellent choice for retail industry.
2. Zebra general purpose scanners are general purpose handheld scanners, hands-free & on-counter scanners, and in-counter scanners.
- General purpose handheld scanners are ergonomic, reliable and fast, that's why will make to boost your business productivity. Our online store sells handheld scanners such as DS8100 series handheld imagers, DS2200 series corded & cordless 1D/2D handheld imagers, Symbol DS4308-XD extreme density imager, Symbol DS4308 handheld scanner, DS4800 series, Symbol DS6700 1D/2D imager scanner, DS6707-DP digital imager scanner, DS6707-HD digital imager scanner, DS6708-DL handheld imager scanner, DS6878-DL handheld scanner, DS6878-SR cordless Bluetooth 2D imager, LI2208 handheld scanner, LI4278 handheld scanner, LS1203 general purpose barcode scanner, LS1203-HD general purpose handheld scanner, Symbol LS2208, Symbol LS4208, and so on. These Zebra handheld scanners are ideal choices for retail, warehouse management, manufacturing, hospitality, transportation, and healthcare.
- Zebra general purpose hands-free & on-counter scanners deliver high-speed and versatile performance, for these reasons, Irix sells Zebra DS457 series, DS4308P hands-free scanner, DS9208 omnidirectional, etc. at affordable prices.
- General purpose in-counter scanners have rich features. Because of these pros, deliver fastest checkouts which make customers happy.
3. Fixed mount scanners provide high volume hands-free scanning performance. You can buy:
- DS457 series which you can use for high-volume scanning, driver's license scanning, direct parts marks, etc.
- MiniScan MS12xx is compact with fuzzy logic is good for transportation and hospitality industries.
- MiniScan MS954 is used for kiosks, ATMs, gaming, medical Instruments, and turnstiles.
4. Zebra 3600 series ultra-rugged scanners have specs which are ideal for the warehouse and manufacturing industries.
5. Zebra healthcare scanners are premium handheld medical scanners. Our online store sells DS8100-HC, DS6878-HC, Symbol CS4070-HC, and DS4308-HC.
6. We sell Zebra portable & companion scanners such as Symbol CS4070 and CS3000 series companion scanners. They are using for retail and transportation industries.
7. Rugged scanners are built for withstanding heavy and hard conditions. In addition to it, our online store sells all of these scanners at cheap prices.

 In the end, we have to say these Zebra printers and scanners have high-quality. Plus, our online store sells all of these products with best deal options including affordable prices, cheap international shipping, and free delivery in Dubai so you can save your time and money. By the way, online store Irix is Zebra partner in UAE.

Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanner

Symbol LS2208 is best selling handheld barcode scanner. As a result, is ergonomic, reliable and fast.In addition to it, we offer cheap price so you can save money and increase your business because Zebra/Motorola Symbol LS2208 is ideal for retail, hospital, education or government.Plus, has specs like 1D laser scan engine, black color, corded connectivity...
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Zebra GC420T Desktop Barcode Printer

If you want to buy a high-quality barcode printer, we offer Zebra GC420T from G-Series which is productive.Plus, if you buy right now, we offer best deal options including cheap price and free delivery in Dubai.Zebra GC420T specs are label printer, direct thermal/thermal transfer, 240.9 inch/min speed, wired, 8 MB memory, also, parallel, USB, serial...
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Zebra ZT23042-T0E000FZ Barcode Printer

Zebra ZT23042-T0E000FZ Barcode Printer has 203 dpi print quality.Zebra ZT230 specs are label printer, thermal transfer, 128MB SDRAM memory, 128MB flash storage, 152 mm/s speed, serial and USB interfaces, etc.Also, has elegant space-saving design and effortless setup.If you buy right now, we will offer best deal options including cheap price and free...
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Zebra ZT41042-T0E0000Z Industrial Barcode Printer

Zebra ZT410 label printer has up to 356mm/s print speed, in other words, is productive.Plus, we offer best deal options including cheap price and free delivery in Dubai.Zebra ZT410 specs are thermal transfer printing, 203 dpi resolution, 256 MB RAM, 512 MB Flash memory, plus, USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth connectivity.Also, cost-effective, if you...
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Symbol LS2208 Handheld Barcode Scanner

LS2208 SR20007R-UR
Symbol LS2208 which is best selling Zebra handheld scanner.Plus, we offer best deal options including cheap price and free delivery in Dubai so you can save your money.Symbol LS2208 specs are a high-performance 1D laser scanner, 100 scan/s speed. corded, USB interface, black color, in other words, is productive and ergonomic.
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