IRIX is a qualified Zebra Distributor in UAE. With over 20 years hands on experience on the market IRIX provides wholesale and affordable shipping options worldwide.

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The Best Zebra Distributor in UAE in 2022

Finding the best Zebra Distributor in UAE in 2022 might not be as easy as it sounds. Each distributor has their own perks in regards to their pricing and shipping processes.

IRIX Computer Systems Trading LLC is one of the leading Zebra distributor in UAE. We sell internationally to places like the United Arab Emirates, Africa, Caucasus, Europe, and much more. We offer fast international shipping options to resellers and retailers as well. Additionally, we offer competitive prices for wholesale and retail. 

In order to find the best Zebra distributor in UAE it is best to research Zebra products. Let's see what products Zebra offers. 

Why Choose IRIX as your Zebra distributor in UAE

IRIX Computer Systems Trading LLC is recognized as one of the top Zebra Printer Distributors in UAE Dubai and the Middle East region overall. IRIX sells all products offered by Zebra. Additionally, all the products that IRIX sells have an official warranty from Zebra. Additionally, we offer fast shipping to every country. And we have wholesale and bulk prices as well as retail. Here is a list of products you can expect from us as a Zebra Distributor in UAE.

  • Printers; 
  • Barcode Scanners and Data Capture; 
  • Printing Supplies
  • RFID;
  • Identifying System Hardware and Software
  • Tablets, industrial machine vision, and fixed scanners;
  • interactive kiosks
  • Accessories;
  • Software;
  • OEM;
  • Temperature Monitoring and Sensing.
Zebra Distributor in UAE

Mobile Computers offered by Zebra

As their name suggests, mobile computers are ideal in every work sphere. Take it with you wherever you go and easily manage products. With today's technology, you can easily manage information, data, and employees to take care of work more efficiently. Generally speaking, there are six categories of mobile computers. Here are the categories:

  • Handheld computers are designed for those who are always on foot and on the go. You can easily carry it with you, which is great for retailers, manufacturers, transportation and logistics companies, and field sales and service organizations. 
  • Wearable Computers: As its name suggests, it is a wearable product that is rugged and damage resistant for people who like to live dangerously. You can easily pair it with Zebra scanners to gain maximum functionality.
  • Vehicle-mounted computers are intended for use in warehouses, cold climates, and harsh environments. Additionally, it is shock resistant and can withstand cold environments. 
  • Tablets- Storing information and data has never been so easy. Thanks to Zebra tablets, now it is more than possible. It is rugged and damage-resistant.
  • Mobility DNA- is Zebra's solution to its devices to offer longer life cycles and updates to further enhance the longevity of its devices. 
  • Healthcare Mobile Computers- Being a healthcare worker is not an easy task. There are many clients to handle and attend to. Thanks to Zebra Tech, you can easily handle all the client information with ease. 

All the devices Zebra offers come with the Android operating system. This is a great feature that will enable you to easily control the device's software within a few seconds without spending countless hours trying to learn a new software system. IRIX is a Zebra Distributor in UAE you can expect quality hardware from us. 

Zebra Distributor in UAE

Zebra Printers 

Zebra printers are known for their longevity and strong structure. You can print for countless hours and never be worried that your machine will be exhausted or broken. Additionally, Zebra printers are spill-proof and drop-proof, so you will never have to worry about accidentally dropping your machine from the table or desk. 

Zebra offers over six different types of printers that are ideal for many places. For instance,

  • Desktop printers are ideal and simple to manage. You can easily print from low to mid-volume without worrying about any printing errors. 
  • Industrial printers are built to withstand extreme conditions and harsh usage. They are reliable, you can easily use them 24/7 in ideal conditions, and you won't worry about over usage.
  • Small Office/Home Office Printers—easily installable and launchable
    with no messy software or device configuration options. 
  • Mobile Printers: Zebra mobile printers are handheld devices that can easily be carried around wherever you go. Easily print barcodes and radio-frequency identification tags with ease. 
  • Card and badge printers are ideal for those who are looking to make work simple. You can easily make connections to ports and print identification cards, hospitality badges, and RFID cards. Additionally, you will never worry about security or privacy. 
  • Industrial, desktop, and mobile devices are great solutions for RFID printing. The printer is encoded at an ultra-high frequency, which will make your printing and tags accurate. 
Zebra Distributor in UAE

Zebra Barcode Scanners

When purchasing a barcode scanner, there are two key elements to look out for: the scan ability and the durability of the scanner. Not many barcode scanners on the market can provide such key elements with precision. For instance, the Zebra barcode scanners are proven to be effective; they are drop resistant and can operate under stress with ease.

Zebra offers eight different types of barcode scanners that are ideal for their own usage. Whether you are purchasing one for ideal room usage or planning on using it for rough outdoor conditions, you will never be dissatisfied with the results. 

Here are some barcode scanner models offered by Zebra:

  • As the name implies, general purpose scanners are designed for use in offices or stores that never close. You can easily read any type of code, whether it is printed on paper, on a screen, cut open or damaged. 
  • Working in large facilities, particularly warehouses, can be stressful, especially if your job requires you to keep track of all the products.Thanks to Zebra, you will not face such issues any longer. It is a tank-sized device with the same features as a general-purpose scanner. 
  • Healthcare Barcode Scanners are ideal for lab technicians, nurses, and pharmacists. They easily take care of patient data. Furthermore, the barcode scanners can read data without making any distracting noises. Additionally, healthcare workers can enjoy extra features such as antibacterial safety measures that are implemented in the barcode scanners. 

Additional information on Zebra scanners

  • In-Counter Barcode Scanners - sometimes scanning from a portable device can be troublesome especially when it is done countless times. To make things much easier, Zebra offers scanners that are multiplan with a 1D or 2D scanning option.
  • Companion Barcode Scanners: small enough to fit in your pocket, they scan 1D or 2D codes with ease.
  • Fixed-mount barcode scanners-great for government positions, hotels, and much more, easily mount the scanner to scan various documents. 
  • Fixed Industrial Scanners: Fixed Industrial Scanners from Zebra deliver dependable decoding capability to reliably track and identify things from manufacture to distribution. Distinguish every item and bundle it with a model for each application. Upgradeable capabilities enable you to suit your company's changing demands.

In conclusion

Purchasing from IRIX means purchasing from a qualified Zebra Distributor in UAE. Finding a qualified zebra distributor in Dubai is not as easy as it might seem. There are many factors to consider, for instance, the reliability of the company and their payment policy. Additionally, the shipping policy must also be in the buyers' favor. To avoid such issues, Zebra distributor in UAE like IRIX offer full transparency, so customers can gain their trust much more easily. Contact us today to receive special prices.

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Zebra DS2208

94,27 $
Zebra DS2208 -SR BLACK (WITH STAND) USB KIT: DS2208-SR00007ZZWW SCANNER, CBA-U21-S07ZBR SHIELDED USB CABLE, 20-71043-04R STAND The Zebra DS2208 Series Offers Accessibility and saves big for your big requirements. In addition To The Basic Implementation, Convenience, And Configurability For Your Business Necessitate. Purchase from IRIX and get special prices and upgradeability options.   

Zebra DS2278

262,32 $

Zebra DS9308

120,23 $


Zebra GK420t

245,92 $

Zebra GK420t :GK42-102520-000 TT Printer GK420t; 203 dpi, EU and UK Cords, EPL, ZPLII, USB, Serial, Centronics Parallel

Zebra GX430t

396,21 $

Zebra GX430t :GX43-102420-000 TT Printer GX430t; 300dpi, EU and UK Cords, EPL2, ZPL II, USB, Serial, Ethernet

Zebra li4278 Handheld Scanner

147,55 $

Zebra li4278 Handheld Scanner KIT: LI4278 USB KIT, GUN, SCRDL, 7'CBL, BLK, EM

Zebra Printer ZC300 Dual Sided

1.130,96 $
Zebra Printer ZC300 Dual Sided Zebra ZC32-000C000EM00 Printer ZC300, Dual Sided, UK/EU Cords, USB & Ethernet, Windows Driver

Zebra Printer ZC300 Single Sided

901,71 $
Zebra Printer ZC300 Single Sided
ZC31-000C000EM00 Printer ZC300, Single Sided, UK/EU Cord, USB & Ethernet, Windows Driver

Zebra Ribbon Color-YMCKO

144,82 $

Zebra Zebra Ribbon Color-YMCKO 800300-350EM Ribbon, Color-YMCKO, 200 Images, ZC100/ZC300, EMEA

Zebra ZD420t

300,57 $

Zebra ZD420t - 42-T0E000EZ TT Printer ZD420; Standard EZPL 203 dpi, EU and UK Cords, USB, USB Host, Modular Connectivity Slot

Zebra ZT230

569,72 $
Zebra ZT23042-T0E000FZ Industrial Label Printer, Zebra ZT230, Thermal transfer, 203 dpi, ips, Serial/USB, 4-inch Print width, EU/UK Power cords, Wires Purchased

Zebra ZT41142

860,72 $

Zebra ZT41142-T0E0000Z Printer ZT411; 4", 203 dpi, Euro and UK cord, Serial, USB, 10/100 Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.1/MFi, USB Host, EZPL