POS systems

If you are running a business and looking for a reliable cloud-based POS system, you came to the right place. We offer the best products to running a small or big business; we offer the best solutions in the market. So whether you live in Dubai, UAE, or elsewhere, we can ship to your front door in a short amount of time!

For a business to conduct its transactions safely and efficiently, it needs POS systems. There are many forms of payment systems such as Visa, Maestro, etc.  

We offer many types of POS systems for all of your needs. In addition, our offerings will boost your sales and payments channels like e-Commerce and e-wallet options.

Study shows that using modern and sleek POS systems will greatly benefit your business and give you a far better advantage in competition.

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Datalogic QW2100 Barcode Scanner

50 $
  • AED: 184 د.إ

Datalogic QW2100 barcode scanner

Qw2100 is most famous datalogic barcode scanner for daily use. It is small and has high scan speed – 400 scan/sec, in other words, delivers high performance.
With QuickScan lite qw2100, your works will fast and you will increase your business because this handheld barcode scanner has high features.
Datalogic QW2100 specs are black color, Red LED 610-650 nm light source, 1D linear imager, corded, etc. in short, is productive.
Plus, we offer cheap.

Zebra DS2278

115 $
  • AED: 423 د.إ

Zebra DS2278-SR7U2100PRW barcode scanner

The Zebra DS2278 Series Offers Accessibility and saves big for your big requirements. In addition To The Basic Implementation, Convenience, And Configurability For Your Business Necessitate. Purchase from IRIX and get special prices and upgradeability options. 


Zebra DS9308

129 $
  • AED: 475 د.إ

IRIX UAE Wholesale prices Zebra DS9308-SR4U2100AZE DS9308-SR BLACK USB KIT

Zebra GX430t

369 $
  • AED: 1,358 د.إ

The Zebra GX430t will take care of whatever your requirements are, quality pc printers are important for a wide range of tasks; there is always a need for printers in practically every condition.

Zebra li4278 Handheld Scanner

159 $
  • AED: 585 د.إ

Zebra li4278 Handheld Scanner TRBU0100ZER KIT: LI4278USB KIT, GUN, SCRDL,7’CBL, BLK, EM