Service & Warranty

Warranty policy
All Products purchased from our website are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty against defects. The warranty period for each product is indicated in its technical specifications. The warranty is only valid if the product has a serial number.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse of the manufacturer’s terms of use, electrical circuit or equipment failure – improper installation, breakage, spillage and other customer errors. In all these cases, repairs can be arranged outside the warranty service and paid for by the customer’s own resources. The warranty period can be extended for an additional fee.

We are not responsible for the loss of any personal information stored on the product during any inspection or repair.

Warranty conditions
The warranty given to the equipment means the free repair of the equipment during the warranty period, and replacement with a new one if the repair is not possible.
The equipment is accepted for warranty service only in its complete set, in accordance with its original external appearance and internal parameters.

In order to carry out the warranty service (repair, inspection, etc.), the product must be brought to the place of sale by the buyer. If the product is brought in by the customer for repair more than 3 times, the company can cover the travel cost or send an employee to the product location to perform the warranty service.

The warranty for parts with a limited period of use (sound devices, keyboard, mouse) is 7 days.
Any purchased equipment cannot be exchanged if the defect is not identified within 10 days from the date of purchase.

Warranty repair is performed within 10 days (depending on the type of equipment, this period can be extended up to 1 month) from the date of receipt of the equipment at the service center. If the repair of the equipment is not possible within the specified period, it can be replaced with a new one or with another equipment of the same series at a cost.