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Where Are The Best Wholesale Computer Dealers In Dubai?

Wholesale Computer Dealers In Dubai

Where Are The Best Wholesale Computer Dealers In Dubai?

Buying to sell Computers is one of the hardest and most lucrative business models in the world. Choosing the right Wholesale Computer Dealers In Dubai as your go-to main B2B solution is a great idea, and also it is profitable if you can find the right Wholesale Computer dealers in Dubai. That being said, finding the right suppliers can be tricky if it is your first time while doing so. 

Worry no more! In this guide, we will help you in picking the right apple out of the rotten ones. 

Wholesale Computer Dealers In Dubai

Do’s and Don’ts: Wholesale Computer dealers in Dubai

All Wholesale Computer dealers in Dubai must have a trade license in order to function as a reliable and legal business entity. If you come across businesses without a trade license, it is a no-brainer to stay away from them. Additionally, you will encounter many businesses that promise genuine products at lower costs than usual. Generally speaking, if it is too cheap, chances are you are buying refurbished or used items under the name of brand new.

So how can you protect yourself?

The best way to protect yourself from unreliable and unethical business practices is to visit the shop before placing an order with Wholesale Computer dealers in Dubai. 

Generally speaking, people in Dubai are by far the most ethical and trustworthy you can come across in the middle east. There are over 2,921,376 people living in Dubai, and only 15% of the population is made up of locals, with the other 85% being made up of foreigners. 

Dubai possesses some of the lowest crime rates of any city on the planet for both violent and minor crimes and is regarded as one of the safest locations to visit. Petty crime and other trivial thefts are nearly unheard of in Dubai.

Which brands you should consider

Purchasing an item wholesale is not an easy solution there are many aspects to consider. For instance, you must research the market you are trying to sell to if there is demand or a necessity for that particular item. 

Wholesale Computer dealers in Dubai offer brands such as Lenovo, Asus, and Dell. Additionally they all have their own marketplace and demand for each country. It is best to do a comprehensive research before purchasing a particular item. For instance, Lenovo as a brand is popular amongst many many countries for a reason. 

More information on Lenovo

They offer products that are more affordable, stylish, and effective. Dell goes all-in when it comes to productivity and modernism. HP might not be as affordable as one can expect, but they have the best designs and product support you can expect. Most HP laptops and desktops come with pre-installed Windows or Ubuntu, which is a great advantage for most users who expect out-of-the-box ready products.

Why purchase Lenovo?

There are two reasons why you might consider purchasing Lenovo products. Affordability and Efficiency. Lenovo products are much more affordable for a reason. Engineers behind Lenovo cut costs where it doesn’t hurt the average consumer.


For instance, you can expect more plastic and less free space internally. This is ideal if the buyer is not much tech-savvy and will not try to mingle with the internal components. Additionally, sometimes ram upgrades become a hassle due to most Lenovo products having one soldered memory on the motherboard. 


The Lenovo is easy to find and purchase; you don’t have to worry about availability. Innovative and minimalist designs will be soothing to your eyes. You can enjoy its affordable superb gaming and creation desktop as well laptops. 

Due to its plastic design, you can enjoy lightweight and ultraportable features. 

Why Choose Dell? 

Dell is a leading company in the computer electronics department; its sturdy build quality and tough design make it look unique to other laptops. 

Additionally, Dell offers the best in class hardware and software systems for its security solutions. You will always get the best when opting for a Dell desktop or laptop. Dell is also a great choice when you look for a Wholesale Computer dealers in Dubai.


  • It is reliable, safe, and fast for everyday workloads; 
  • Dell offers home and business type desktops that will take care of all of your needs;
  • Dell Gaming series such as Alienware that have great attractive looks and packs in serious power for extreme users such as gamers and creators;
  • Dell has great coverage for warranty services that cover most accidental misuses;
  • You can easily extend the warranty up to 5 years of Dell products.


  • Not as affordable as the Lenovo desktops;
  • The desktops are hard to differentiate due to their same design styles;
  • Due to increased demands hard to find in the market

The above-mentioned pros and cons might not be 100% factual; please do your own research to get the best results. 

Why opt for HP

Years of trial and error Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard launched HP in 1939 in California. HP is known for its best inline computer designs and hardware that provides solutions for big and small businesses and for homes.

For decades, HP has been one of the major computer manufacturers. Its reputation for producing dependable, high-quality PCs is encouraging, especially for users who rely on their computers to run smoothly and reliably for professional purposes.

Pros of HP

  • HP Computers are best in class when it comes to stressful workloads and their designs.  
  • HP offers many laptops and desktops that have been the choice of many homes and businesses. 
  • HP ENVY Towers, OMEN Gaming Desktop, HP Pavilion Desktops, HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop, HP Desktop tower are all the choices of many creators, gamers, and office users.

Cons of HP

  • The prices are higher compared to Dell and Lenovo;
  • Due to market demand, the laptop and PC segment is hard to find. 

Asus: why it matters

In 1989 in Taiwan, Asus was created. It is now one of the leading companies in computers, hardware, and consumer electronics. Its main mission is creating and innovating products for everyone and anywhere. Asus is primarily known for its gaming products, such as motherboards and graphics cards. That being said, They also have one of the most demanding laptops and computer series that most desire. Asus, like many other consumer brands such as Xiaomi, invests heavily in consumer electronics and home appliances. 

Pros of Asus computers

  • Asus has focused on the demands of the customers by offering gaming Tower desktops that are powerful and fast; 
  • You can choose between full, mid, and small towers to satisfy the needs of your customers and yourself;
  • Just like its desktop series Asus also offers gaming laptops that are slim and powerful for everyday use. 

Cons of Asus computers

  • Asus is currently focused on gaming series and devices;
  • There are only a handful of options you can choose from when it comes to computers that are offered by Asus;
  • Prices are not as affordable when compared to other brands such as the Lenovo legion series.

The above-mentioned pros and cons of Asus are the opinions of the author and do not reflect reality 100%; please do your own research before making any serious purchases. 

In conclusion

Finding the best Wholesale Computer dealers in Dubai and affordable wholesale prices are not so easy when considering there are many distributors in Dubai. The best way of finding the right distributors is by analyzing the market and finding reliable business partners. Distributors such as IRIX have been in this business for over 14 years. They provide reasonable prices from brands such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer. Additionally, they offer reasonable fast and secure export options to many countries worldwide.