Of course, as a customer, we all looking for original products at affordable prices.  We name as a preferrable supplier who can advise to us, guide to choose right solution or product which will suit our needs and will offer that product on reliable price. For sure cheap does not mean the right product or solution every time. Sometimes a little expensive product may suit your needs much better and give much more benefit than the cheapest product. We can help you with choosing the right product and also offer beneficial prices for all wholesale, export, corporate and retail customers.

As we are working with official representative offices of brands in the world directly you can be sure that the product you will get will be original and new only.

Brands we work with

If you are looking to get wholesale prices you came to the right place IRIX Computer Systems LLC has you covered. Computer suppliers such as IRIX has been a distributor in major brands such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer and Asus and much more. We offer affordable prices.

IRIX: computer wholesale market in Dubai

There are many computer wholesale market in dubai that sells major brands such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Asus and Acer. What makes IRIX computer stand out from the rest is its competitive prices and fast shipping capability. We offer affordable shipping rates from FedEx or other shipping companies of your choice. 

IRIX: Wholesale computer dealers in Dubai

Choosing a reliable wholesale distributor is not easy, especially in Dubai when there are many competitors. IRIX has been in wholesale computer distribution business for over 8 years and gained the trust of its customers. Whether you are a reseller or the endpoint choosing IRIX Computer Systems as your go to distributor in Dubai will benefit your business greatly. As a computer suppliers in dubai IRIX offers fast and reliable service to its clients.

Who we are

We have been IT distributors since 2008 and we are located in Dubai UAE. We work with international brands such as: Lenovo Dell HP Acer and much more.

What We Sell:

IT equipment such as Computers, Networking Equipment, POS systems, Epabx Systems, Security Systems, Software.

Why Choose Us

We offer fast international shipping, International Warranty, Multiple Payment Methods.